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Devlin looked up his heart beating faster, as wings seemed to hover right over them, he heard a voice singing, the clear notes trembling with grief. He spurred his horse forward, peering through leaves wafting to the forest floor. Straining to hear the voice again, he passed the remains of wooden planks crumbling into the ground, possibly the remains of some forsaken Keep. Hearing water splashing, the beautiful voice seemed much nearer now.   

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He’d seen the way those doe eyes flitted over his muscles, eyelashes fluttering as her gaze roamed over his thick muscled thighs, the workouts at the gym were yielding results.  Yes the lady was for the taking, but it would have to be handled with care, and patience.  It was now or never, he decided to raise their encounter to a more intimate level. Taking her hand, he felt the bones, as delicate as a bird’s wing. ‘So tell me, why have I never met you? You are too beautiful to miss.’

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